Review: candles (coffee,chocolate fudge and strawberry champagne)

4 years ago

Image and text is mine so please dont steal it. The products were sent to me for free for reviewing purposes but that doesnt affect my opinion in anyway. If I do not like a product, I will state that and the reason being.

Well I got three candles sent to me by a woman called Sheila who makes natural soy candles. Go check her out.
She sent me small sizes of her candles which are still pretty big and a perfect size to get to try out a scent a few times to see if you want to get a bigger size. I think the small sizes are a great size in itself.

Coffee Candle
This is my favourite candle that she sent m to review. It is in a little mug and it looks like you can just drink it straight away. It has a brownish coffee colour up to near the top but that has some white candle that looks like throth (if thats the right word :P ) on the top of a coffee. On the very top their is some shavings of a brown bit of candle which looks like chocolate shavings and the colours blend in with the white to make it look like its melted. It also has a little heart bit of candle that I think just tops it off and makes it look abit more girly and to spice it up abit more so it doesn`t just look plain. It looks very realistic and I will deffinately buy this again but in a bigger size. Before I like this, the scent still filled the room. I would walk into my room and smell it and thats without even lighting it so you can imagine how strong and powerful the scent was during lighting it. It has a rich coffee smell so if you do not like the smell of coffee that this definitely isnt the candle for you but I love the smell of coffee and I have been looking for the perfect coffee scented candle foe ages and I have not found it. My all time favourite candle

Chocolate Fudge
This is my next favourite candle. It comes in a martini type of glass and this too is a smaller size candle that you can get in a bigger version but this also is a great size to repurchase if you just want small ones. This look likes white ice-cream with chocolate sauce dripped over it. It looks so realistic and Sheila is defiantly talented to get these candles looking like they do. I really just wanted to eat them up but obviously you cant. There is a little red cherry on the top which adds abit more colour to the product but still giving it the chocolate fudge sundae look to it. The smell of this candle is also very strong and its the traditional chocolate scent so if you do not like that then this also isnt the candle for you. You can definitely smell the chocolate mixed wit a hit of fudge/caramel. The scent of this too filled the room before lighting and during being lit you can imagine how powerful it was. I love this one to. My mum actually asked if she could have this on in the living room so we have that one their and it smells lovely when you walk in. The scent lingers for ages. I will definitely buy a bigger version of this.

Strawberry Champagne
This is my least favourite candle out of the three but I still really like it. It comes in a small sundae glass like what you would get in a cafe. This one is really colourful and uses purples and greens and reds. This is the last realistic just because I have never seen a sundae us these colours and with it being strawberry scented, I would have used reds and pinks and whites to makes it look like strawberry Icecream. I do however really like the scent. I would really say its a defined smell of strawberry where as the other two candles are defined smells of what they are titled. You can smell strawberry but I can also smell other fruits which I cannot put my finger on, its very fresh and lovely and would smell nice in a bath room. The scent isnt as strong as the other two candles and you cant smell it until its been lit and then the scent fills the room but its is a nice candle. I would also buy this one again but I dont love it as much as the other two to buy a bigger version.

Overall I do really like these candles, the coffee and the chocolate fudge one more so but they are wonderful candles. I will definitely repurchase these candles and try some more of hers. They are the best candles that I have tried and I have tried alot of different brands and have found alot that I really like but never a favourite, well now I have. I love these candles so much and you should all go check them out. The ultimate candles for the ultimate candle lover and they make great presents.


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