REVIEW: Burt`s Bees Honey amp Shea Sugar Scrub

4 years ago

So after I did my "What`s in My Shower?" posts, I got a few requests for a review on the Burt`s Bees Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub. First off, I picked this up at Target for about $13. I don`t love it or think it`s amazing by any means, but I don`t hate it either.
As for the product itself, it`s kind of weird. The smell isn`t exactly "Honey & Shea", but it still smells decent. Nice to know it comes in other scents, though! It`s also kind of thick, and after a while it`s not as abrasive as it was originally. After a while (as in like, weeks) the sugar in it sunk to the bottom, and the moisturizing creamy liquid part went to the top. I like to mix them together with my finger before I use it so that I can get a better outcome of the product, but I never stir it for too long, because the body temperature from your finger will start to liquify it, and thus, take away the scrubbing aspect of it (Why? Because it`s made of real sugar and sugar melts!). I also started noticing that now that it isn`t abrasive, I don`t feel like it`s really doing THAT much for me, and also I`ve noticed my skin has a, well...I`m not sure of what the best word is. But it`s not oily or anything like that, but it does feel like there`s a layer or SOMETHING smooth (but not moisturizing) on my skin when I get out of the shower, and now it`s starting to bother me some. It goes away within a few hours, but still. As for the packaging, it`s annoying to use in the shower! You have to find a place to set the top down, and also you have to find a place to set the product or a way to hold it so that water doesn`t get into it (because the water can melt it too!) I usually end up somehow dropping the lid, and holding onto the product since I have no where to put it.
As for positive aspects, when I first got it, it felt AMAZING, the scrubbing wasn`t too harsh and just felt awesome and my legs were so smooth! I also liked that since it WAS sugar based, the water would melt it when it hit that shower floor, so that way I wouldn`t have to worry about rinsing all the scrubbing beads out after. And who knows, it probably is my fault for mine `melting` in the first place, maybe it was a bad idea to store it in the shower? Maybe I had let some water get in while I was holding it without noticing? Who knows.
Overall, this product is just okay. It does not WOW me in the slightest, but it isn`t horrible, either. I defiantly don`t think it`s worth the $13, though. I would actually recommend the Bath & Body Works scrubs, since they don`t melt, they smell better, the packaging is a squeeze bottle, and they`re cheaper! xox

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