Review: Bumble amp Bumble Seaweed Shampoo and Conditioner

Review Time!
This review is a duo review, as in a shampoo/conditioner set. Shopping in the travel section at Target, I saw these two products. I`ve heard things before about Bumble & Bumble and I`ve wanted to try them but they cost quite the pretty penny. But since they were mini I took the plunge and bought them.

Advertised as products that clean your hair but without stripping them of their natural oil, do these products really live up to what they claim?

My thoughts:
Starting off with the shampoo. Jumping right in I would say that this is average. The positive, like it claimed, it did clean my hair. The negative, absolutely the price! At $8 I would say that you could purchase a drugstore product that would either cost the same price or less and get better results. It wasn`t necessarily a bad product but I think that it was way overpriced.

As far as the conditioner goes, I absolutely did not like it. The number one thing is the consistency. Squeezing some product into my hand was fine, but rubbing your hands together to evenly distribute the product, it disappeared. Instantly, the product would completely melt and applying the conditioner to the hair was a hassle.

Overall thoughts: The smell is nice, but to be honest it kicked me right in the face the first time I used this product. I know it says seaweed but I was not expecting the smell to actually smell like seaweed. And for the price I would say it is way too expensive to be spending that much on a shampoo and conditioner.

Overall Grade: B (Shampoo), D (Conditioner)
Would I recommend this product? no (both)
Price: $20 (full-sized), $8 each (mini)
Where can you buy this?: (I got my minis at Target)

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