Review: Blackhead Scrub Pad

This product derives from Asia, more specifically Japan. You can find buy this on eBay or at a Daiso (or other Asian/Japanese store that sells beauty products), if you live near one. This little rubbery guy goes by a couple names, but I just refer to it as a blackhead scrub pad because that`s what I "discovered" it as and I feel that that is the common term. From the name, we know it does two things: 1) eliminate blackheads 2) scrub your face. Does it live up to it`s claims? In theory, it <em>should</em> take out blackheads because massage is suppose to loosen up the gunk in your pores/follicles.

I haven`t used mine that long, but I had a finger-sized one when I was younger and I didn`t really see a difference. Now with the bigger pad, I still don`t see a difference. I might just be because I have tight pores that are nearly impossible to extract from, but shouldn`t an Asian product work for my Asian skin? So does it remove blackheads? Don`t expect it any miracles.

Does it scrub your face? In a sense, yes. But it won`t exfoliate your skin in the traditional sense.

So it doesn`t remove blackheads and it doesn`t exfoliate, is it even worth buying? YES. I personally believe that everyone needs one of these, actually two (why later) because massage is really great for your skin. Benefits include loosening debris (as I mentioned early), circulation improvement and more.

The blackhead scrub pad also makes your cleanser more effective and a breeze. If you have two, you can lather up your cleanser between the two and quickly (and effectively!) cleanse your skin. It`s pretty relaxing too, almost like getting a facial.

*Avoid use if you have rosacea.
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