Review: Bioglo Products

5 years ago

This is a Bioglo cleanser and a skin relief gel I use everyday. I use the cleanser twice and day and the skin relief gel once a day. I usually use the cleanser once in the morning and once at night and the skin relief gel just once at night. For the both of them I just massage it thoroughly around my face for 2 minutes and I rinse it off.

What this cleanser does, it removes the oil and makeup from your face. Also gives your face a brighter and fairer complexion. This cleanser has Bioecolia inside which means your skin is protected so it stays to let your face be healthy and flawless. I have used this for a few months but not really seeing the flawless skin but it does make my face look brighter and removes my makeup pretty well.

For the skin relief gel, it keeps your skin soft and smooth for up to 24 hours. It removes dull and dry skin and help soothes sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. This can also even out uneven skin tone and gives your skin a glow. This has so far made my skin soft and smoother and even out my skin a little.

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