Review: Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream

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I had gotten a sample of this in one of my birchboxes.. I forget which month it was now. What drew me to it was the smell, which is strange because it`s not a great smell, there was just something about it that I liked. So I tried it as my moisturizer one night. After I wash my face it starts to get oily about a half an hour or so later. I noticed my skin was less oily than usual which I thought was weird. Then I went online to check if it was supposed to do that. Low and behold it is a moisturizer that is supposed to reduce oil. I just thought it was kind of neat I noticed it actually worked before I even knew what it was supposed to do lol.

This is a product from France and the only place I have seen to buy it in the U.S. online is It is $22 + tax & shipping so it came to about $30 for me and it`s only 1 oz. so it`s pretty little. I do like this for a daytime moisturizer because it`s light and helps to mattify a little, but I wouldn`t repurchase it again for the price and size. Don`t expect this to be a miracle worker for your oily skin though, it only cuts down some oil. If you have the money to spend then it`s worth trying!

What do you do to keep your oil at bay?

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