Review: Benefit`s Benetint

5 years ago

This review is of benefits Benetint (which you probably knew by the title!) I purchased this lip/cheek stain last summer, so ive had a lot of time to test this out. This product is $29 and it can be found at ulta, sephora, or
This product claims that it can be used on the lips or the cheeks, so im going to talk about how it works each way.

Lips: This is the way I prefer using this product. It leaves the lips with a nice rosey red tint (like you just ate a cherry popsicle!) I love the look it gives the lips, especially in the summer when you arent wearing much else on the face. The only downside to using it on the lips is that it does not last more that 2 hours. You`d expect from a lip `stain` that it would last longer on the lips, I mean thats the whole reason for a stain, right? I usually use it in the summer if I`m running a quick errand and I wont be out of the house for long, it just gives you a little bit of color. With this being said, I think there are much better lip stains out there, many drugstore brands have long wearing lipsticks& lip stains that are much cheaper and last much longer.

Face: When I first tried this prodcut last summer I had a little bit of acne& acne scaring on my cheeks & this product emphasized that so much! It looked like i had chicken pox, yikes! So if you have any redness, acne, or acne scaring I would not recommend this for the face. I stopped using it on my face all together. But my acne has gone away since& this product is a little bit better for me. Unfortunately, I`m still not a fan. Its very watery, so when you place it on with the brush, it just runs down your cheeks. Also it dries fairly quickly when its rubbed in and its hard to take off, so you have to work very fast and if you make a mistake, lets just say its not pretty! Overall, for the cheeks, if you want something natural looking Id just go for a cream blush and if you were looking for the lasting property, try layering a cream blush and a powder blush!

Overall, I would not recommend this product. For close to $30 Its not worth it. You can find much cheaper and better lip& cheek stains at the drugstore. If youve tried this let me know what you think below! Thanks<3 Xx

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