Review: Beauty Blender DUPE

*I`m reviewing the DUPE, not the legitimate Beauty Blender.*

A little background. I was never interested in the Beauty Blender for a few reasons. One, the price tag and two, it`s a sponge. What can be so amazing about a sponge right? But seeing the ever-increasing popularity of this product has changed my mind.

So my normal routine for foundation application consists of a stippling brush to "stipple" on product followed by a flat top brush to buff it in.

I bought this sponge on eBay for about $2, maybe even more. I really don`t remember, but there are cheaper ones closer to $1 (about $1.30), but I was looking for this shape (gourd-shaped sponges tend to run cheaper) and I was drawn to the color. Now I don`t know if this is an "exact" dupe per say, but after doing a bit of research, I compiled a list criteria for a "good" dupe:

<ol> <li>Expands in water</li> <li>Doesn`t asorb product (foundation, etc.)</li> <li>Soft and squishy -- should be able to be almost flattened</li> </ol>

My product pretty much matches all this criteria, but it didn`t match my expectations. I was under the impression that this would greatly extend the coverage of my foundation. That was the number one quality I was looking for. Maybe the real beauty blender does that (or maybe it doesn`t), but this doesn`t do that. On the contrary, I feel like this product sheered out my foundation a tad bit. Even weirder, I looked like I was wearing more makeup versus had I used my brushes.

However, this product does give a nice finish. The combination of the sponge and moisture from the water contribute to this. It also feel relaxing to put on.

Rather than me going on and on. Here`s a quick summary of the key points:

<ol> <li>Meets necessary criteria (retention/absorption, texture)</li> <li>Initial dewy finish, Overall airbrushed finish</li> <li>Cool, refreshing application</li> <li>Doesn`t extend coverage</li> <li>Uses more product (foundation, etc.)</li> </ol>

So... <em>how do you use this product?</em>

Take it under running water (or you can use a bowl of water -- whatever floats your boat) and let it absorb the water to it`s full capacity and then squeeze it all out. You maybe need to repeat these steps with a new or bone dry sponge or else you might end up with a lumpy sponge.

For applying actual makeup, you can use the back of your hand as a palette, or apply directly to the face. You can use the flat end of the sponge or the sides to dab or roll on product. Always use the sides for under eye or around the nose.

Last question. <em>Would I recommend this product?</em>

Yes, but not for problematic skin. You will probably love this product if you have dry, normal or combo skin without any major acne.

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