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3 years ago

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I`ve heard so many good things about this beauty tool and I have also watched a lot of raves on YouTube. I finally decided to pick one up with my gift card I had gotten for Christmas. I`ve had this for almost 4 months and I`ve pretty much used this every single day. It has replaced my sigma foundation brush. They are a little pricey so that`s why it took me forever to purchase one. This retails at sephora for about $19.50.

The trick is to use this damp. Run some water over it then blot towel dry it. I`ve used it a few times without water and I`ve noticed that it doesn`t do as well bad doesn`t make my foundation flawless. When I use it damp, it makes my foundation look airbrushed, smooth, and overall just so much better.

It also makes your foundation blend it much better. You can stipple your foundation on or just apply it normally. I usually do a mixture of both just to make sure everything is blending. You can also use this for your concealer but I just prefer using my fingers. I`ve noticed the blender doesn`t really work too well because I feel like the sponge is soaking in my concealer so they look barely concealed whenever I do try to use this.

I`m a huge fan of the beauty blender and I don`t know whether or not I`ll go back to my foundation brush. If you haven`t checked this out, I would highly suggest it. 10 out of 10.


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