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6 years ago

I have purchased 6 14oz 3 wick candles from bath and body works in the past couple months. I have burned some more than others but im confident enough to give each one a review! I bought them in sets of two on each visit because all three times i went there it was buy 2 for 25$. Each candle retails for about 21.50$ Canadain. By buing them with this sale i spent arround 75$ instead of 120$ That is a killer deal if you ask me! The candles i have are as follows : Leaves, Sweet cinnamon pumpkin, Cranberry woods, Spice and Tis the season. The reason there is only five listed is because one of the visits i bought ANOTHER Leaves because it is my favorite and i needed a backup! So, here goes the review.

Leaves : Smells a lot of apple and cinnamon, it is a very very crisp clean apple smell that i love very much and reminds me of bobbing for apples in the fall. The faint smell of cinnamon is that perfect fall touch on it!

Sweet cinnamon pumpkin : This one is not my favorate, i love the smell dont get me wrong, when its cold i could sniff it all day but once lit it begins to give me the most terrible migraine that i actually resort to taking pain medication to dull it. It has the lovely smell of pumpkin puree and lots and lots of spices.

Cranberry woods : the reason this is in a bag is because it was dropped off a table and the glass around it smashes so i cut it up and put it in the bag and am using it in my tea light burner. This candle is pure awesome, it smells very strongly of cranberry and seader, its very woodsy and i adore it. The smell throw is very thick though so make sure you like that or you will feel like your drowning in the scent. Or either burn it for small amounts of time, or in a big room.

Spice : I expected this one to have more spices in it, and i do smell them but the bath and body works site says otherwise. All i smell is spices in a kitchen, like someone is baking something scrumptious. This is a wonderful seasonal scent and is very light, so it doesnt give me a headache like Sweet cinnamon pumpkin did. Perfection.

Tis the season : This is honestly like Christmas in a candle. This is filled with all the goodies of christmas all put into one and if you like the holidays you will love this one! i can smell the pine and spices. it is lovely and doesnt overpower!

So that is my kind of lengthy review on the bath and body works candles that i have tried, i hope you read it all the way through and got something of it. I put this in the health and beauty section because i honestly believe that candles have a big thing with spiritual heath. they can calm the soul. <3

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