Review: Bath amp Body Works quotSummer Boardwalkquot Candle

4 years ago

Ever since discovering the Slatkin & Co. candles sold by Bath & Body Works I have been hooked. To be honest, i dont think there was one candle i bought or even smelled that i hated-some wernt as good as others but for the most part to me they all smelled pretty darn good. So, beings that i had not had any bad experiences with the candles from BBW i`ve been ordering them online for a few years now without knowing exactly how they smelt first hand.
That is exactly what i did when ordering "Summer Boardwalk" a few months back. I got this particular candle on sale during the 2 for $20 sale. This candle is described as:
Like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples and salted, sweet cream.
For the most part i love candles that are scented after foods, especially the frosted cupcake candle and the warm chocolate chip candle Slatkin & Co sells. So, when i read the description of this candle it sounded like something i would like.
I pulled this candle out a few weeks ago so i would remember to burn it. I actually took the lid off of it and set it on my book shelf for a day just to have it out..well, the next day i woke up and my house had a slight scent of salted carmel corn-i thought it was strange beings that i had not even burnt the candle yet but it was already making my house smell..i actually didnt mind it. So, that evening i finally burned the candle and WOWIE this sucker is POTENT. I usually love potent candles but the scent of extremely sweet fake smelling salted carmel corn was way too much. It almost made me want to gag. I blew the candle out after a few hours and went to bed..when i woke up the next morning the first thing i noticed when i opened my bedroom door was the sickly sweet smell of carmel corn...the scent from this candle really lingers.
Its so strong and so true to its scent that i swear my dog thought i was cooking something-beings the entire time this candle was burning he kept putting his little nose in the air and sniffing and then i caught him twice in the kitchen sitting by the stove...which he does every time im cooking in hopes that i`ll drop something.
In a nutshell i dont hate this candle but to be honest im not a fan. If it were any other scent and it being this potent i probably wouldnt mind. But, the strong smell of carmel corn was a little too much for me. My boyfriend on the other hand liked it..hes always got a hankering for something sweet so that didnt surprise me.
This would be the one candle from BBW that i think i would not repurchase.

Have you tried "Summer Boardwalk"? If so what did you think of it? What is your favorite Bath & Body Works scent?
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