Review: Bath amp Body Works Holiday Haul

Ok all, last month during the "All Holiday Products Must Go Away Sale" at Bath & Body Works -- no it`s really not called that but that`s when I like to scour their online store for products at discounted prices! So I was hoping to stock up on the Twisted Peppermint (it smells like Peppermint to me but after a while my body chemistry turns peppermint into cotton candy -- the best thing ever, and I can smell both peppermint and cotton candy it`s awesome. Everyone else just smells cotton candy.) But anyway - they didn`t have anymore. So I decided to try some others. I got Vanilla Bean Noel, Vanillatini & Jingle Bellini (strawberry) - lotions and shower gels. I also got 4 Liplicious/CC Bigelow lipglosses - Rock That Red Berry Spice, Merry Mentha Spiced Vanilla Chai (CC B), Candy Girl Orange & Guilty Peach Tart.

Ok so my absolute favorite in the shower gels and lotions - Vanilla Bean Noel!!!! This is vanilla with supposedly a `hint` of caramel... well on me it`s a beautiful BLAST of caramel and I walk around smelling like candy once again! I love it! So now I have 2 holiday favorites. The other 2 smell good but I could take them or leave them. I`ll probably use them up first to get rid of them so I can savor the vanilla bean. =) I already can`t find the Vanillatini lotion- which is why it`s missing from the pic. haha.

In the lipgloss department to my surprise the Merry Mentha Spiced Vanilla Chai is my favorite. Why because when I put that one I am suddenly wanting pancakes with syrup - you guessed it, the original chai scent turns to maple syrup on me. It`s pretty fabulous and it makes smile. The Berry Spice was pretty good, nice cinnamon scent but unfortunately I left it in my pocket and washed it the second day after I got it so it`s barely any left - bummer. And it got on my clothes - don`t wash these things... or dry them obviously. Oh well. The peach tart and the orange are a little too sweet for me - says the girl with sugar running through her veins.

But all in all I`m glad I found a few new favorites. So looking forward to my next shower and my caramel blast!

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