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3 years ago

Most people know about the Maybelline Baby Lips by now, a product that is very hyped up in the beauty community. I kept seeing this on blogs, Youtube and instagrams and I found myself wondering what the hype is all about.
I`ve waited patiently for them to arrive to Portugal, and now they have, I have a slight lip balm problem - kind of obsession - I use lip balms more than anything else, so I love when new ones come out and I am also infatuated with all things American especially beauty, and American girls loves these, so forgive all my excitement.
I went to the supermarket and saw that the Maybelline stand was packed full of the Baby Lips, it was quite difficult to decide which one to pick up. Finally I decided on Cherry Me and Pink Punch.
I bought mine on Continente, you can also find them at Jumbo and I think Intermarche because I went there and they have a Baby Lips stand but it was empty, so I don`t know for sure. They only cost 2,99 each.

My Experience:
I am in love with this product, it keeps my lips well moisturized and they do feel lovely on the lips, so soft and nourishing and they add a bit of color which is nice for those days when you don`t want to wear a lipstick.
They also last a fair while, but I admit that the 8-hour hydration claim Maybelline in my case is around 2-3 hours at best. These do require reapplication, if you want to keep the baby soft feel and the color intact, but to me that not a problem, I always have to reapply my lip balms after 2 hours because I eat or drink something in the mean time.

About the texture: Its doesn`t feel heavy, waxy or greasy on the lips, they glide on the lips pretty effortlessly but you need to apply a good coat to leave them soft, hydrated and moisturized for a couple of hours.
They have the texture of a balm and hydrate and smooth lips beautifully and also have a slight gloss finish, which is really pretty.
About the pigmentation: These are good-pigmented lip balms and they deliver a sheer wash of color to the lips.
These lip balms are tinted and that actually pretty surprising, and go on quite bright and true to the color of the product itself.
About the flavors: The yummy scents translate into taste too, they both have a nice, soft fragrance to them and it matches the name of each shade perfectly, its fruity. The scent does fade, but it makes for pleasant application so If youre worried about not liking the scents, you dont notice them anymore after a couple of minutes of wear.
About the packaging: I had to talk about the packaging. They came in really bright and eye-catching packaging`s, theyre really sweet and vibrant.
Also came in a colored tube with a clear lid with the writing in different colors.
There is no denying that I find the packaging`s of these lip balms ADORABLE, of course it may not be to everyone`s taste but it sure stands out from my other lip balms.

Pink Punch:
Pink Punch glides smoothly on the lips, leaving them tinted with a lovely baby pink shade with a nice sheen, its pretty, bright, unique and wearable.
It`s much more cute on the lips than I expected.
This smells gorgeously fruity, a sweet/tropical scent, absolutely incredible. Literally a perfect summery scent.
The name of the product is written on its see-though cap in big bold yellow letters. It looks childish, but adorable and will definitely catch your attention.

Cherry Me:
Cherry Me is a soft, juicy red which gives me just a hint of color if applied lightly, but can be built up to look a little more opaque like a glossy stain. I love this.
This one smells really nice, obviously of cherry, is very light and fruity and just perfect. I would say this is the nicest to apply, because I feel it is the best in terms of moisturizing.
I love the bright orange packaging as well.

I can`t lie to you and tell you they`re essential (although Pink Punch is quite an essential!), If you`re a lip balm fanatic, then I`d say they`re definitely a must-have and they have some great things going for them but I also understand why people say that they`re not life changing.
Me? I absolutely love them, from the name to the scent to the condition they leave your lips in is amazing.
I like the variety of colors and scents available and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are distinguishable from each other on the lips. The pigmentation is perfect considering they are lip balms, and I like that they all have a slight glossy finish, which makes them wearable.
I also appreciate that they`re paraben-free and contain shea butter. For around 3, I think they`re a great new addition and they`re affordable enough to get multiple colors.

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