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My boyfriend needed to buy a temporary go phone for the next few days because he`s getting a contract phone soon. He normally used Net 10 because we always find a good deal like $20 for the phone and free 200 minutes but that isn`t available anymore. The cheapest option for Net 10 now is a phone for $30 and 200 minutes for $20 = $50. So, in the section of go phones, I looked into the AT&T Go Phone and saw a better deal. They had 3 plans. At first we were going to chose the $50 unlimited everything but since the phone he got wasn`t a smart phone why waste it? So he chose to use the $2 a day because it`s UNLIMITED minutes for talking/texting whereas the $25 plan is limited 250 minutes.

My boyfriend is out of town and he had a 4 hour stop and was on the phone with me for over 4 hours and that alone the phone did not get a drop call, the batteries on his side was still full since the phone is very basic.

I would highly recommend the AT&T go Phone. The plan is up to you but I think if you don`t use the phone daily the $2 a day unlimited sounds good or buy a go phone to use if you know a day you`ll be talking on the phone a lot you will end up only paying $2. But the con is that the minutes expire within 30 minutes so you have to use it all or else it`ll expire.

How much did the phone/phone card cost?
$14 and some change so ~ $15 at Walmart for the basic Samsung Phone. IT IS SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT. It is like you`re holding nothing.
The calling card was like $14 and some change too ~ $15. You can also buy the $25, 60, 100 depending what you want.

Since my boyfriend picked the $2 a day plan, he`ll be able to use 7 days then he has to buy another $15 card to use another 8 days. They`re smart, they make you have $1 left so you have to buy another card, haha. =)

I think this is a great starter phone for a child or something. Or even someone who doesn`t use the phone as much. I think the $50 unlimited is great if you have a go phone smart phone especially.

<strong>Plans you can chose:</strong>
$50 Monthly Unlimited Plan - unlimited nationwide calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited data/web browsing on eligible phones
$25 Monthly Plan - 250 minutes, unlimited text messages, 1¢ per 5 KB or buy a package for data/web browsing
$2 Daily Unlimited Plan - unlimited minutes, text messages for the day and for data/web browsing 1¢ per 5 KB or buy a package

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