Review: Artichokes Heart

5 years ago

I just finished Artichokes Heart about a week ago and its one of my favorite books.

What its about, I got this from the back cover:
Rosemary Goode has never been the prettiest of the most popular girl in school. How could she be, when she tips the scale at almost 200 pounds and lists Sara Lee and Oprah as her only real friends? And it sure doesn`t help that her mother runs the most successful (and gossipiest!) beauty shop in town, where everyone scrutinizes her from her highlights down to her pedicure. But when the scale raeches an all-time high, and she takes special notice of a certain cute boy in school, Rosemary realizes that not only do things need to change, but she wants to change them. And so she begins a powerful year of transformation and a journey towards slef-discovery that suprisingly has little to do with the physical, and more to do with an honest look at how Rosemary feels about herself.

This books tells you that someone will like you no matter how fat or how skinny you are. And just because your unpopular doesn`t mean you can get the hottest guy in school.

Please go get it! Like I said its one of my favorite books. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

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