Review amp swatches: Loreal Colour Riche (Sunset Angora)

4 years ago

I kept an eye out for these Loreal ColourRiche lipsticks because Judy on youtube (itsjudyslife) bought these and seemed quite excited about them. When I finally saw them at Target, I just had to buy them!

The light pink lipstick that I wanted was sold out, so the next best color to me was the #176 Sunset Angora. I couldn`t open the lipsticks because they were all sealed, so I just went by the colored bands on the lipsticks. The colored band on mine was a bit lighter than the actual lipstick, so I was disappointed.

The lipstick itself is somewhat shiny and glides on effortlessly. It feels so smooth and nice on your lips. Like other lipsticks, they feel make any dry skin on your lips very noticeable! So exfoliate with a toothbrush before using this.

I actually really like this color a lot. It`s very pink on my lips, and pink lips are gorgeous to me. So I`m very happy about the color.

The packaging is super pretty. It is probably the prettiest lipstick sitting in my drawer right now. It`s a reflective gold all around except for the colored band near the bottom where it shows you the color that you have.

I bought this for $7 or $8. I will most likely go back and get the light pink shade that I wanted!

Swatches are without flash and with flash! The 1st swatch is just one coat of lipstick. The 2nd swatch is with 2 coats of lipstick, and so on.

-Pictures are mine.

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