Review: Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Foundation

4 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers! I was recently going through some of my lesser-worn makeup products that I sort of stuffed in a box and forgot about, and rediscovered this foundation! I put it in that box because I didn`t like it, but decided now to give it another chance. Keeping in mind the reasons for not liking it in the winter time, I am pleased to say that I really like it as a summer foundation.

When I first bought this, it was winter, and my skin was super pale, my rosacea had been flaring up, and my skin was dry and bumpy. I obviously bought this without reading any reviews, because it accentuated all of these things. I was too pale, so the foundation matched up the redness in my skin instead, causing the overall color to be too dark. Also, the matte finish that it gives was not great for my dry skin. That`s why this foundation ended up in the reject bin!

Digging this up now in the summertime, it is everything that I look for in a foundation. My skin is a bit more hydrated, I have been using self-tanner so my skin isn`t as pale, and my rosacea is more under control. The coverage is light and my skin can breathe, so it is more like a tinted moisturizer in that sense. I hate too much coverage in the summer heat! It also gives a matte finish which is nice for those hot, humid days to control oil. The coverage is also somewhat buildable for my problem areas.

I think the best part of this foundation is the matching technology that actually works really well. Using self-tanners means that your skin is almost always fluctuating between shades, and it has been really annoying having to buy several shades in each foundation to mix together. This eliminates all of the guesswork and makes sure my skin matches my body all of the time! Score! :)

A very important thing to note is that using a primer with this foundation is necessary. I remember right when I first got it that I had a problem with oxidization, perhaps because of the pigments being able to change color so easily or something. This problem has been completely eliminated using a primer, so I highly recommend that.

So, here are the basics:
Coverage: light (like a tinted moisturizer), buildable
Consistency: thin liquid
Color: whitish beige, transforms to skin color within seconds of skin contact
Finish: matte
Feel: powdery smooth, does not sit on skin

Color match is always accurate (great for girls who use self-tanners)
Coverage is lightweight and breathable
Finish is matte (great for fighting summertime heat/humidity)
Is not sticky
Fairly affordable at drugstore
Hypoallergenic (as are all Almay products)

Lightest shade may not transform light enough to fairest skintones
Can pick up on red-tones in skin, making it too dark
Requires a primer underneath to prevent oxidization

That`s my review! I recommend this as a great summer foundation! Hope you all found this review to be helpful!

Talk to you all soon!


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