Review: Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I am just going to post up a quick review on this
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer + Treatment Gel. This is somewhat a new product from Almay containing BlemisHeal Technology, meant for people who tend to have breakouts and suffer from acne. I bought this a while back because I always had the casual breakouts and could never find the perfect concealer to cover up my blemishes perfectly. Since this was meant to help heal and prevent acne blemishes, I wanted to give it a try. I regret buying this so much but I am glad that I didn`t spend too much on it because I bought it on a sale with coupons and got UP+ Rewards back.
WHAT: Comes with two parts: treatment gel and a concealer. Both products have salicylic acid and are meant to clear and prevent acne blemishes. Plus its hypoallergenic and won`t clog pores. Its also oil-free as well.
SCENT: Oh my goodness, the concealer part smells so bad!! I don`t know what it smells like but it just smells horrible. Whenever I apply this concealer on my face, throughout the day, I can smell it on my face. If you are very sensitive to strong smells, I would not recommend this at all. The treatment gel doesn`t have a bad scent to it. To me, it just smells like a regular treatment gel.
CONCEALER: Since this is a stick concealer, it is a bit drying to use but it covers redness well. I bought this mainly to use on my blemishes but since my pimples tend to have dry patches surrounding them, this just enhances the dry patches and make them noticable. Plus it smells horrible.
TREATMENT GEL: I really like this treatment gel but not enough to repurchase this and have to deal with the smelly concealer. This treatment gel dries clear unlike other treatment gels, which dry white. You can wear this under your makeup without having to worry about it peeling off because its not noticable on your face like other treatment gels. If you are looking for a treatment gel that dries clear, you might like this one. Because the concealer smells so bad, I would not recommend this at all, especially if you are sensitive to strong smells. I will not be buying this again. Plus if you have dry skin like dry patches on your face, this concealer will enhance those dry patches. For instance, if you have dry spots around your pimples, then I would not suggest you using this concealer. If you have tried this concealer before, definitely let me know whether you like it or not. Plus if you know any good concealers for covering up acne, please let me know as well.
QUESTIONS: Have you tried this concealer yet? Any concealers you would recommend for me? ==================================================================
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