Review: alexander wang prisma

let me just preface this by saying that i have spent the last six months chickening out every time i attempted to buy this bag, but i am so relieved i finally made the decision to go ahead and get it. i have a weird relationship when it comes to purchasing new items; im not an impulsive buyer (amazing deals excluded), yet if the decision feels too premeditated, i will surely talk myself out of it and find an excuse not to buy it. i must have talked myself in and out of this bag a million times, but i finally realized that life is too short to be only somewhat happy with your purchases instead of tear-the-package-open-youre-peeing-yourself-with-excitement happy. there is nothing less satisfying than spending money on something you arent crazy about because youve convinced yourself you can make do without the thing you really want. my new years resolution was to work on streamlining my wardrobe and save up my pennies for things i really want, and i am happy i have stuck to it.

when this first arrived, i felt nervous to use it. it was my first time purchasing such an expensive item that i didnt necessarily need, so i felt like i didnt deserve it. i was worried i wasnt going to use it enough to justify its cost, or that its allure would wear off as soon as it became mine. as it turns out, i love this bag even more now that it is mine. it reminds me that i worked hard to get it, that i didnt have to ask for it, and that i finally put my money towards something ive always wanted versus something i could care less about because my conscious is telling me i should be satisfied with something less expensive.

in the meantime, ive been carrying this everywhere. the leather is incredible, the straps are durable, and its crazy lightweight. its sleek, minimal, and goes with everything. i will still love this years from now and am happily working towards adding more pieces in my wardrobe that are timeless, versatile, and made to last.

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