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3 years ago

This is a sample of exfoliating cream for face from Vichy that I`m using right now. The little sample last me forever! I already use it 3 times and I can use it again. Well for exfoliating you didn`t need so much product, but I had to admit that Vichy is very generous with its samples not only in terms of quantity of product but also in terms of numbers of samples, because in occasion of every single lauch of their product, they aren`t so picky to gifted potencial customers with their samples. For me this is a good thing to try new things and see if they are nice for me but it also makes me worried because not all the companies do this things so this make me think that Vichy hasn`t good products. I know it`s seams strange but for me this is what it is! Vichy is very common here in Italy and it`s very easy to find and its prices aren`t too high. Some of their products are nice and some are the worst that I ever tried.

This exfoliating cream looks like more cream than beads exfoliator. The beads are blue and they aren`t too small. Anyway it exfoliates pretty well and I like the overall result because even if the beads are bigger than the ones that I liked, isn`t too aggressive or harsh for my skin and it actually scrub pretty well. It didn`t have any strong scent which is great...but a nice delicate, almost nothing one. It`s not very luxurious at all...and definitely it suits its drugstore position. I don`t know how they said that it`s good for sensitive skin but it probably do.

Anyway if I had to choose I probably won`t buy it. Why? For the reason that I explained first and because I prefer much more fine beads in my face scrub..

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