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This time I bring you the Review of the movie "Tremors 2", which is a direct sequel of the movie "Tremors"(1990).

The first film took place in Perfection, a North American city that was subject to the attack of underground creatures. After several deaths and much effort they managed to get rid of these prehistoric monsters. Right? NO, WRONG!

That`s where our movie starts. "Tremors 2" takes us to Mexico, where an oil company is starting to take Graboide attacks, the same creatures that had appeared a few years ago in Perfection.

As such it is necessary to eliminate these predators, and the only way to do so is to get someone who has achieved this feat. The first person the try to reach is Earl Basset. Although a bit reluctant at first, our protagonist accepts the work as fast as they mentioned that he will receive $ 50,000 per graboide dead and $ 100,000 for every one captured alive. Earl does not forget friends and makes a call to a character from the first film and, in my humble opinion, the best character of this saga. I`m talking about Burt Gummer, the weapon maniac, who signs in as fast as they tell him the army is giving him everything he asks for.
This film also introduces the concept of metamorphosis in the first species of graboides. They now transform into bipedal creatures. Smarter, faster and more deadliest!

Overall the movie is a good sequel to the first, although not as good but still has arguments to be seen. Although we do not have Kevin Bacon anymore we have Fred Ward and Michael Gross at their finest.

Focusing on the creature itself (21 years have passed since the first movie came out and 15 years since the second movie came out!) it is fairly well achieved. I`ve seen many recent films (e.g "Sharktopus") with creatures that do not reach these graboids.

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