Review - Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation B60

3 years ago

I always neglect my samples of foudations because I found them so incovenient to use, plus usually they don`t match my skintone so I can`t use them when I need to do somenthing important because I don`t want look weird when I go to somewhere important and I usually take them when I`m at home or if I go to the drugstore or something like that.

As long as lately I have tons of these situation because I don`t have a job, I came across this sample of foundation from Shiseido that I never really heard anything about it and I discovered just when I receveid the sample.
Now, I`m really shocked that nobody talks about it because I think that it`s amazing!!!!

Don`t watch the colour because it`s totally wrong for me, but the lasting powder is amazing, covers pretty well even if it isn`t the best but I don`t like heavy foundation...I still want to see some I said it`s not heavy, I almost didn`t feel that I wore a foundation, it`s not sticky and I probably can do without powder but as long as I had also need to finish the HD powder from MUFE I put on everyday.

The thing that makes me want this foundation the most is the fact that didn`t gets me oily during the day and this is the only foundation that doesn`t makes my forehead shiny after a couple of hours even with hot weather like yesterday here in Italy.
So I was wondering why nobody talks about it? Well it`s expensive I know, but also NARS, MAC and Bobby Brown are insanely expensive so why this foundation isn`t as famous as the others? Anyway the only thing that I really care is that is good for me and I wish to have the money to buy it without too much worries.

I`m a little bit worried instead about the colour which is completely wrong for me, I`m an NC30 in MAC, a 40 Beige in Chanel and a 030 in Dior and this one is way too dark...I don`t know which colour I should buy but I heard that the B is the range colour for the yellow skintone.
I put on with a wrong brush I think, the Japonesque one for foundation is completely wrong for this foundation infact I get too much strikiness from it..yesterday I tried with the Sigma one and looks a lot better.
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