Review - Sephora matiffiying and smoothing base primer

4 years ago

"Shinny shinny like a star"... NO!! not like a star... -.-``
hey, who hates to be at work and suddenly you know... well.. you FEEL... your forehead is shinny... lol.. from that natural but grose oil that our skin produces...
Omg... I hate it! Even more because I currently work under bright lights of a store... and it becomes very heat.
It`s a natural process... our skin produces oil to protect but you know... it looks awful.
So, the other day i went to buy a makeup cleanser at Sephora and they gave me some samples of another product from the same line. It`s a mattifying base primer. You only need to put 2 little drops on your index finger and smudge on your problematic areas befor putting the makeup.

It`s not a miracle product... but i`ve tried it for 3 days and really liked the result. The skin becomes very soft... like baby`s tushy LOL. It does a really good job preventing your skin from that shinny look... but if you have to move a lot like me... at the end of the day everything is gone...
But for a normal day, my makeup stood in place, my forehead didn`t shone (thankfully!!!).

I recommend this product, and it`s another thing to add to my shopping list.

I can`t remember the price... and the website doesn`t show any information, but it isn`t expensive.

I hope you liked this review,
If you ever tried this product please tell me about it! =)

*this two pictures are mine*

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