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4 years ago

Ok when I bought this crystal nail file I was shocked of me! Why? I never ever file my nails and the only time that I made it I make it the worst job ever and I ended to cut my nails off with a good nail cutter. I really can`t stand the idea of file nails I don`t know why, maybe because of my nails that are the worst split nails that you can ever imagine or because I`m so clumsy and it seams I can`t find the right way to use a nail file and I never own one in crystal even if I heard that they are great not specifically in this brand but in this material.
Last week I was watching essiebutton on YT during a video that showed how to take care of nails, she said which modifications she started to do on their nails and how good they react on these changes and she mention also a crystal file in that video. I`m always scared of file my nail because I can`t imagine the final result and if I can, it`s always a split result. My nails as I already said are very very very weak, they split, they never grown and this happens from 4 or 5 years now...I`m kind desperate about them...anyway I decided that with a 20% off I can try this nail fail because it`s really expensive like 9 euro and at Sephora it`s even more expensive. I had to admit that I was very skeptical and I never did many research on that particular brand anyway I decided to purchase it.
I tried yesterday because I was so desperate, like three nails of my hands completely cut and the other 2 a bit longer so normally I didn`t even have the nail to file!! but in this occasion I was able to use it and I HAD TO ADMIT so far I find it very easy to use and it can give a nice result if you are really careful on what you are doing...unfortunately on the left hand I really don`t know how to handle the situation because I find this way of "cut" nail very uncomfortable. Maybe if I can see best result on my nails in terms of growth or strongness I will learn more on how to use it well. The only thing that I know is that you can file only in one direction. Now in occasion of this review I read some reviews on Sephora american website and I saw how many good things people says about this: it last very long time unless you broke it, it`s washable with soap and water to make it in the best shape and re-use it for years...and other good things...I really hope to find it good also for me.
Unfortunately in Italy we don`t have the nice coloured hard case shown in the american Sephora website but it`s basically the same thing.
What Sephora com website says about this nail file:
"What it is:
A collection of durable, washable nail files in pretty hues.

What it does:
Sculpt your nails to perfection with these beautifully colored nail files. The long-lasting crystal file completes any manicure and then easily washes for years of possible use. Each file comes with a shade-coordinated case and easily fits into your purse or hand bag for on-the-go filing."

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