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4 years ago

I recently bought this disc from the website of Sephora and without any redue I decided to try it the same day that I receveid it. Well...what can I say...I haven`t hear any review about it but something makes me want to buy it just to see if it was good or not.
I had also say that I tested with the worst condition ever on the face, which means that it was during the evening with a lot of foundation on and without even remove it with a cotton like I usually do when I had to remove my make up.`s nice...nothing spectacular. It`s has a very fine little pieces of plastic that should work well and evenly on your face.

What the claim is: "allows to clean your skin and haelps remove dead cells and impurities. Its flexible massage bristles in silicone help to gently exfoliate your skin. Its ergonomic shape allows you to easily hold the disc." And this claimes are partly true I can`t disagree...
The instructions says that you can apply a facial cleanser onto damp skin or apply a facial cleanser directly onto the disc and damper the skin massage in small circular movements using the exfoliating disc and rinse the skin. The disk is washable in water and the precaution are that you can only use on wet skin avoiding the contour of eyes.

This are basically the instruction but what I felt is that it cleanse well but the next day beside all the claims, it didn`t last the exfoliating thing that it claims..what I mean by that? Usually when I exfoliating with a regular exfoliator my skin is nicely soft for at least 2 days...with this disc this great feeling is available just for the same night...that`s it...

I think is a good companion with the wash of your skin but it can`t subsitute any other product...

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