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4 years ago

I can begin this review with telling you that my hair are the worst hair that you can ever imagine in a girl. They are very fragile..I still loose so many hairs that it`s hard to believe...I never style them in a different way that straight because I don`t like to stress too much or more than normal and I don`t feel that they can stay well. I have dandruff or better, I used to have dandruff expecially DUE TO SHAMPOO!! Like Pantene and such...but when I started to buy a lot expensive shampoo like Redken, Cowshed I notice that dandruff is not mine but it was a consequence of the shampoos that dries my scalp way too much obviously....

When this summer I inconveniently decided to dye my hair, the hairstyler leave the dye on my hair 50 minutes and since august I have dandruff again and no shampoos can help me even the more expensive.....

I decided to buy the Phyto shampoo in two version and the conditioner but unfortunately these products didn`t work for AT ALL. NoT ONLY they don`t make my hair stronger or better looking but they also gave me dandruff!!!! Unbelievable ...and this conditioner in the photo didn`t do the job and it actually unuseful for me..such a waste of money

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