Review - PANDA Cutter for open Packaging

3 years ago

I know this can seams not appropriate for a beauty post but I will show you that I mainly bought this cutter for beauty reasons! And I want to share my experience with it becasue it`s important not wasting your money.

This is a Cutter from Panda brand but I think that anything can works the same, the thing that I think it`s more important is the size which is 18mm more larger than the one that I used before which was smaller and everytime that I used that one with the purpose that I have, I always scared to cut myself becuase the handle wasn`t too stable.

I use cutter for openinig the packaging when I receveid from my online order and this one is great, makes my excitment for the parcel immediately satisfied! Because is more effective than a scissor and reduce the probability of hurt myself or to ruin the inside of the parcel...

Plus I always use a cutter for opening packaging of products that are almost finished and only in this way I can assure to use all the left product plus even if I had to take attention, I feel that with a big cut and more strong, cutting also the most durable plastic is less dangerous...

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