Review - Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Hey there Luuuxers! So here`s another review of some Lush goodies, this time its the turn of Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

Now then, this stuff smells incredible. To me when I first smelt it, it smelt so fresh, like a really ocean/sea type scent. Almost slightly manly, but I quite like that. Lush say the scent consists of mimosa, orange flower, organic lemon juice and jasmine. Now, I didn`t get the citrus hit when I smelt it in the tub, but when I used it, it hit me and it was just beautiful!

Enough about how it smells, I know you`re thinking `but does it do the job?` and YES it really does! Its packed full of mineral rich sea salt and you can use it on either dry or wet skin depending on how intense you want your exfoliation to be. I always exfoliate my legs before I shave and I swear that after I used this my legs felt so silky smooth that you`d have thought I`d shaved when I hadn`t.

All in all I love this product, however, it is a little pricey at £7.75 for a tub. The tub isn`t that small, I think i got about 4 full body exfoliations out of it and I also used it as a shampoo once (it made my hair feel squeeky clean), but still, its a treat. You can also save your pots and once you`ve got 5 take them into Lush and exchange them for a fresh face mask....saving the world one body scrub at a time :]

Have any of you tried this or any of the other Lush shower scrubs before? What are your thoughts?

Hope you`re all well!

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