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3 years ago

Unfortunately I NEED STRIPS for depilation for my skin on the upper lips / moustache yes you know! Actually I didn`t need that, but after the estetician convinced me to try it, because I have some little hair that I used to dye, they grow back more stronger then before and trust me, don`t believe to anyone that tells you that they loose strong with the wax application and hair removeal, because it`s not true.

After that first application of wax I was forced to remove my moustache even though OBVIOUSLY they are little and fine and barely noticeable but they bother me know, more than before.
So since then, because I obviously didn`t want to spend my money on them and give them to the stupid lady that did them for the first time, I decided to make them from myself with those kind of strips and this is one of the worst thing that ladies should need if they are unlucky like me!

Back to this strips that I mainly use for my upper lips`s skin, they are good even if they aren`t famous and they are relatively cheap compared to other brands. They are less durable infact, after just one wipes, they are pretty much dry and they are ready to go into the bin because I can`t use them anymore. They work very well the only important thing is that you pull the skin well. And I never pass in the same part for more than 2 times even if like I said with these strips you can`t even if you want.

They aren`t completely trasparent but they aren`t completely opaque either...I can barely see through them and I had to say that I prefer see exactly where I put the strip because I really want to avoid my lips...
I will probably repurchase them in the future if I can`t find something better...

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