REVIEW - LANCOME Visionnaire - 03 Beige Diaphane

4 years ago

This foundation makes me realize how the first times that I tried something, I`m able to hate them in a way that can totally changed if I tried a different way of doing something.

I receveid this sample from Sephora and the first 2 times that I applied it with Sigma Flat Kabuki and then the Sephora Mineral Foundation Brushes I hate it so much. Then I only recently decided to either use it or throw the sample away even if it`s I made some research and see if I can make it works.

When I used the flat top brush I find it not very hard to spread but I don`t enjoy the final immediate result...almost like a bad version of a face mask...I don`t know maybe the shade didn`t work for me but it`s actually the one that they give with the samples so I assumed that it`s the medium range...
Two or three months ago this shade has way too much red in least for my complexion. Yesterday I tried it with a normal foundation brush and I loved the result. Light application that I can barely feel it. Then I also discovered that this foundation has the same ingredients as the Visionnaire so it is anti-aging, can reduce dark-spot while it covers with a sheer coverage our complexion.
Obviously I didn`t get much coverage at all and I think that it`s definitely need to be applied two times but I don`t enjoy at all, that practice because when I applied foundation, I want to make it very simple and natural so the idea of the complete perfect canvas make me sick.
I definitely really like the idea of Lancome to make in one product the concealer and the foundation but it`s obviously necessary choose the right shade and I don`t know if those products can much all together in the same person if you know what I mean.
Without setting with powder it too much luminous which I really don`t my first impression wasn`t that good so I don`t think it`s good for people with oily skin like me even if I will attempt to try more and more at least since I finished the sample...I don`t think I will purchase it...but will see...sometimes my first impression it`s definitely the right one but maybe now that the weather is changing my skin will change it too will see..the luminosity that the skin gives it`s cool but I don`t know if it`s good because the complexion of my true skin are still visibel so I don`t know what to think...

Yesterday when I liked the final result that this foundation gave me, I applied the finishing spray from Neve Cosmetics and my forehead didn`t produces oil which is nice with this, I definitely need a primer or a setting spray..otherwise my forehead is a shiny mess.

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