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4 years ago

This was actually invented a couple years back and I got pretty interested in it. When I went to Hong Kong, I actually got to try 3 of the flavors for $5 CAD - milk chocolate, mint chocolate and raspberry chocolate. That was about 1 1/2 years ago so unfortunately I didn`t take a photo.

The idea behind inhalable chocolate is that it`s a solution for chocoholics to indulge in chocolate without the added calories. Each inhale is about 1 calorie. Every tube is the size of a mini lipstick, like the Maybelline Baby Lips ones, and you get about 30 inhales.

The idea behind it was awesome. Who doesn`t like chocolate!? And being careful about my size, I always look forward to trying "no calorie" or "low calorie" options.

When you inhale it, there does seem to be some chocolate flavor in your mouth but it is not very strong. It was more like shisha where you inhale flavored smoke. It`s that type of feeling.

The milk chocolate had a bitter aftertaste to it.
The mint chocolate one had a subtle taste of mint but mostly it was chocolate.
The raspberry chocolate one was the best, though it left an aspartame aftertaste.

The packaging wasn`t that great either as you had to keep wiping your saliva out of the tube. If saliva got into the tube, it would be useless as all the flavoring would be dissolved by the saliva.

The thing with this was that because it wasn`t strong, you don`t get the satisfaction you get from actually eating chocolate. I finished an entire tube in half a day because I really wanted chocolate. Inhaling this tube made me want chocolate more. I would say, this got addicting quite fast. You could probably end up spending a lot of money buying inhalable chocolate than you would by eating regular chocolate.

Overall, would I buy these again?

Maybe, to see if they improved, but only if the price was a bit lower. Right now, if you try to get it shipped, it`s about $8.99 a box of 3, which is completely not worth it.

Hope that helps!

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