Review - Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Roller

I bought this ... last year I think. there was some hype in youtube and on blogs so I gave in. I do not wear creamy concealers under my eyes because I feel like they end up looking cakey, I just don`t like them but I do use the Bare Minerals well rested, it doesn`t settle into my little lines and it brightens up the under eye area. but I digress.

I bought it and I have to say my opinion of it hasn`t really changed between then and now - as far as the actual product goes. it`s very lightweight as long as you don`t over apply as is true with just about everything right? since it has a bit of a pink tint to it, it lightens the under eye area and gives a little coverage, now if you have really dark circles this probably won`t do much. as I said I`ve had it for a while, way over 6 months and I can`t say it`s made a change. to me this really is just a lightweight concealer. I know Garnier claims this product will brighten the under eye area in a week, yeah I didn`t see that at all.

here`s where the Garnier rollerball FAILS, the packaging. although the tube itself is cute and not bulky and I`m sure this will last for a long time since you only really need a little bit, you waste soooo much product because of the rollerball. if you don`t keep this up right, the product will seep out and pool all over the lid and it will in fact come out of it as well. it`s not one of those were the product comes out because of the rolling action. I`ve had to clean this up so many times because I hate to see it so freaking messy and it just keeps happening, so Garnier, you should really improve on that. will I re purchase? nope, not at all. I would much rather pay for a better product and better packing so I don`t waste any of it and feel like I`m throwing my money away. I will continue to use it until it`s finished though.

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