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4 years ago

There`s many different brands of Japanese mascara and I`ve tried a number of them.

Most of them work the same way to promote lash length rather than volume. I think it`s because we have very short lashes and the manufacturers know this quite well. They`re also waterproof as it is quite humid in Asia.

Found this at SaSa in Hong Kong awhile back and decided to buy it. The thing that attracted me to it was the brush, it was in 3 bulbs rather than a curve or straight mascara brush. It was also supposed to make these tiny balls at the end of your lashes to make it look like fairy tears.

Highly waterproof - so waterproof that it took me 15 minutes to rub off using Nivea`s Waterproof makeup remover
Doesn`t harm lashes - comes off like a tub. Most Asian mascaras coat your lashes like adding a tube or sleeve over each lash. This way, it`s supposed to be easier to remove without tugging or pulling out your lashes by accident.
Cute packaging =)

Did not have the ball tips at the end as it promoted
Did not length as well
Not for sensitive eyes - I started tearing up after an hour of using this. The second time around, the same thing happened. So I stopped using it. When I did some research online, this problem seemed to happen to a lot of people too.

As cute as the packaging was and as cool as the wand was, this was not a very good product, especially for $25 USD. It seems to be one of those hit or miss products. Half the reviews raved about it and half said it was terrible. Mine was more on the terrible side.

Hope that helps.

*photos are mine*


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