Review - Condemned: Criminal Origins

4 years ago

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This game was released November 2005 by Monolith productions, published by Sega.

I`ve had this game for a couple of years and although I`ve beaten it I can still enjoy playing it again and again. You can pick this up for PC and Xbox360.

The Game:
Your character is an FBI agent named Ethan Thomas whose life is about to get very interesting. Your city is overrun by a alot of insane homeless people, a mysterious serial killer named the Match Maker and everyone thinks you are a murderer. You must use your skills as a crime scene investigator to collect evidence and find your way through abandoned buildings to find the truth behind all this.

The graphics are amazing, so much so that I can`t play this when I`m home alone. This game offers you a lot of action and if you are a fan of the horror genre then this is for you.

The bad thing about Condemned is that you can`t hold more than one weapon at a time. The storyline is not very exciting but it more than makes up for it with the scare factor.

I give it a 8.3 out of 10


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