Review - Bourjois Bronzing Powder 52

3 years ago

I`m NC30 on MAC foundation and I`m not a big fan of bronzer because I think that they enhance the fakeness of the make up (but only on me) So with that been said I can say that this bronzer from Bourjois it`s too light for me and it`s barely visible. So I decided, as long as I was thinking that I was used very heavy hand, that the only way to make it useful for me was to apply it as a blush and I LOVE IT in this way.
As I`m saying I`m not a big bronzer lover but today I was wearing my new Rimmel in True Nude that it`s way too light for me and I decided to add some warm to it to make it accectable ...obviously not the best way to try 2 new products in my collection..

THE SMELL.. let me talk about this aspect that seams so great for some people on YT...I don`t know if I get one that is gone bad but it smells like anything similar to one of the worst plastic smell that I ever smell in a beauty product and I can`t believe that people said that it`s the same smell of chocolate!! It reminds me some make up toys that I use to play when I was a child that to make you understand how bad it is this smell...

It has some glints of sunshine (this is how they called them) and I think that the only way to make them good on me, is actually use it as a blush like I use it today...infact on my combination skin that shine can be look a little bit annoying...

So far I`m definitely not content about this purchase at all and I`m surprised that I desired it for so long.
I own the 52 I don`t know if there are other version...
I also read on the package that it`s made in Italy! I`m kind shocked! Because I don`t know wher I can find Bourjois product here in Italy but this is the same story of the Stila products.. LOl

Have you tried it?
Does it have a weird smell really far from chocolate?
Did you know if there is another version of it?
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