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4 years ago

This is the most durable bag that I ever tried in my life..I use it constantly for 6 months straight without any attention for it but actually treat it with the worst care that you can ever imagine, but the only small ruined part it`s a very little part near the stripe..I actually made a photo for it...could you imagine that I`m complaining because it`s so strong! But it`s actually what i`m doing because I use to hate this bag and I actually hated so much that I wanted to sell for a long period but for doing that I had to basically gifted it so I decided that the best way to trow it away without feeling guilty was using it no stop and actually ruined it.. BUT IT DIDN`T BROKE!!!!! I can`t stand how sdirty it is!! It`s almost makes me feel angry because it`s resistent to any bad things that I made to it!! LOL funny right...well I guess that you are in love with this it`s actually a good bag to buy...but this phenomenon happens to me only when I regret to buy things!! Like for example with the clothes, the shoes the make up that I don`t like...they seams to stay in the best condition ever for all the hard time that I had to pass just to finishing them...instead if I love something and ended of using it constantly just because I love seams that they get ruined almost immediately!! This makes me mad..

I think that the main reason that makes me hate this bag, is that it didn`t have any hard part that substain itself so it`s really fluffy and it`s hard to open and be in peace with it...I`m so mad because if I think that I own many bags that I loved in the past even more expensive than this and they started after just a while to fall in part I want to ruined somenthing! LOL

update 10/05/2013: I finally trow it away

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