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I get the chance to try this line from Alterna and I was so happy about it. It`s made for damaged hair and it contains proteins. I tried the samples twice and they gave me two samples shampoo, two conditioner and two masks to apply after the wash.

The first time that I used it I wasn`t impressed from it because the shampoo in the little sample wasn`t enough for my two normal application so as long as I didn`t notice that, the second application was almost with a tiny drop and the hair weren`t completely covered. I used the conditioner and the mask too but I had to say that I wasn`t impressed at all; my scalp was itchy and my hair were flat and without volume.

The second time I used all the sample of the shampoo in one wash as they suggest on the website (which is unusual for me becuase it`s the first time that I saw that they recommend just one application, maybe because it`s too expensive, and use the second application only if necessary and if you feel the need); this time my scalp itched even more and I develloped dandruff from it plus my hair are still flat and the most important thing is that I loose them even not very proteic for me!! I know just after two usages isn`t enough but they give samples like these so what can I do? I think that I won`t purchase it becuase it flattens my hairs, it makes my scalp itchy and it gives me dandfuff...the second time I forgot to use the mask but a little bit of it goes a long way and I still have some left from the first package and the entire second package.
The most unattractive thing is that it`s insanely expensive....maybe for people that has only damaged hair without any other problems unlike me can find this line good..

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