Review----Eldest by Christopher Paolini

5 years ago

I`m back with the second book in the Eragon series. Eldest continues the adventure of Eragon and in addition, it also peeks into the life of Roran (Eragon`s cousin). I thought that the book dragged on a bit towards the middle. But in the end there is a HUGE discovery that Eragon makes that will change everything. Unless you already figured it out, it will be big surprise. To me, it was worth it. I like this book and there are some parts where there`s suspense. Out of the 2 books, I like Eragon better, but Eldest is a good book. This is only my opinion, you may think that it is the best book in the whole world and that`s fine. So, what do you think? Which book is better, Eragon or Eldest. Stay tuned for the third book, Brisinger!!!


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