Reverse application nails with acrylic

Reverse application with acrylic

The purpose of this article is to get the method of reverse application more publicity as I think it has been overlooked by many nail technicians, it is just the bees knees of acrylic I am really excited to get to share this with all of you.

I first seen reverse application on youngnails on YouTube. please refer to links at bottom, please watch all to see complete nail finished.

So lets get to it, alright so reverse application is, in a nutshell, an alternative process in which the acrylic is applied to the cuticle and nail bed area of the natural nail before sculpting the free edge. This process can be implemented when sculpting the nail or when applying nail tips. The smile line needs little if any sculpting using this procedure

Prepare natural nails as for any acrylic application.

If applying tips continue to next steps after applying tips

If sculpting entire nail make a thin even nail along entire length that will act as a base, the same concept of a tip, without having to have nail form on through entire application

Gather a ball of pink, clear, opaque, or any other color acrylic large enough to cover length of nail bed

pat ball to remove excess monomer

place ball just below cuticle on nail bed, pull to either side of the cuticle remembering to leave a slight space between acrylic and cuticle using the brush as a barrier

do not let acrylic touch any part of the cuticle this will cause lifting

have nail pointed down at a 45 degree angle so the acrylic will fall naturally into place for smile line

if need be pat do not pull or paint the acrylic to even out slightly

gingerly swipe smile line to ensure smoothness and even shape throughout

Continue to design free edge in whichever style you wish and apply acrylic to tip, it doesnt matter if you get the tip acrylic on the nail bed acrylic this will be filed away in the filing and buffing stage

cap the entire nail with clear acrylic to seal in design

file to shape and buff either to a high shine or continue to next step

apply a gel topcoat sealer when finished filing and buffing

place under uv light for 60 seconds

A few resources by Young Nails

I think thats it for this and please feel free to ask any questions

Cheers to All Hope You Enjoyed the Article

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