Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

4 years ago

Walgreens was having a sale on the SubZero Stainless Steel Water Bottles. It was 3/$10. This was the second time within 2 months that this went on sale. The first time I went to get some, it was sold out. But this time I was lucky that they had plenty left but not a great slection of colors though. As you can see in the pic, I have 2 silver and one purple colored bottle. I actually wanted all silver ones cause the colored ones do chip and I don`t like that. I`m afraid that it might chip while your drinking it but I think that`s gonna be rare. But I got the silver ones for my kids, just to be on the safe side. Now onto the bottles. I love how the bottles are designed. I`m not sure if you can tell, but it slims down in the middle which is good for small hands. It`s BPA free and it wouldn`t leech chemicals into your water since it`s stainless steel even though the cap is plastic. I still prefer this over the whole plastic reusuable bottles cause it`s gonna leak over time no matter what it says, BPA free or not. Better safe than sorry. And these bottles are recycleable and easy to clean. They don`t break as easily as the plastic ones too. I can`t tell you how many plastic bottles I`ve had to replace. One of my sons has a small stainless one that he uses for lunch and he drpped it. It didn`t break, it only had a dent on it, and this was like the 15th or 20 time that he dropped it. He must`ve hit it really hard this time kids are currently using the big BPA free plastic bottles for home or when taking trips, but if you are not diligent in washing them, the rim of the bottles and the cap can start to have mold on them, yuck. But with these since it`s stainless steel, it`s really not a good place for bacteria to form. Bacteria`s dream home is plastic, wood and cloth surfaces. I`m not saying that this can`t happen with stainless steel but your chances of it happening is very slim, but still you should wash anything you place near your mouth often. The purple bottle, I am saving for myself. I was about to get a hot pink one and but I was really more into the purple. But this one has a matte coating of color instead of the shiny colored coating. And with these bottles, it came with 2 types of caps, one is a twist on and the other is where it has a flip which you can just flip it open to drink the liquid without having to twist off the whole cap. But with kids, it`s better to use the twist on cap.
What do you think of stainless bottles?

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