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2 years ago

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I recently lightened my hair with highlights twice in a month span. If you don`t know, that is SUPER damaging to your hair because the cuticle that makes you hair shiny is completely blown up. After the first time I did highlights, my hair was so dry and my ends were breaking off. It was a hot mess haha. I was freaking out and I didn`t know what to do to restore my hair. I ended up going to the store and bought some amazing products that have saved my hairs life. I kept my shampoo the same which is the new herbal essence pure shampoo but I changed my conditioner, leave in conditioner, and I added a oil. These three products have definitely helped restore my hair back to being healthy and not dry.

-Caviar Anti Aging Replenishing Moisture Conditioner
This product is the main reason why my hair is back to being healthy and moisturized. I picked this up at sephora and I bought the travel size because it was $8.00 and the full size was about $30.00. This has worked miracles for my hair. My boyfriend even noticed after the first time I used it, that my hair looked ten times better then before. This conditioner has helped my hair become moisturized and repairing the dryness. When I`m done shampooing my hair, I put this conditioner on and leave it in for about 2-3 minutes basically after I`m done washing my body. Then I`ll rinse it out and it makes my hair so smooth and buttery soft. I would HIGHLY recommend checking this product out if you just got some highlights or if your hair is super dry and damaged. This stuff will literally change your life haha.

-It`s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product
Once I`m done and I towel dry my hair, I spray this into my hair starting in the middle and working my way down to my ends. I try to not put this in my roots because my hair will feel really greasy. After I spray it in, I just comb my hair to evenly spread the product in. I adore this for really helping my dry hair come back to life and making my hair super soft and manageable. Whenever your hair is really dry and it`s wet, it becomes almost a gooey texture and feels really gross. This has helped it tremendously with the dryness. I would highly recommend this product was well!

-Moroccan Oil Treatment
After I spray my `It`s a 10` onto my hair, I apply a dime size of this and work it through the ends of my hair. I can`t put this to my roots or close to them because it`ll weigh my hair down and make it feel really greasy. This really helps repair the ends of my hair and add softness with some shine. I`m not exactly sure on where you can find this because I got this at my salon that I work at.

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped anyone that has really damaged hair like me!


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