Restless Reveiw

I love to romance movies. I love every single thing about them. Recently, I rented this movie. Its about a boy who sees things a little differently, and a girl with a terminal illness, destined to never get better.
They meet at a funeral, where Enoch has crashed. After a while, Annabel joins in.
Soon Annabel and Enoch become close. They become boyfriend and girlfriend, go on adventures, and love each other.
After a fight, Annabel ends up in the hospital. Enoch also ends up in the hospital. There, Enoch realizes that Annabel will leave him.
I cried a total of three times. I loved this movie. It was funny at some parts, it was sad at some parts.
Enoch was played by Henry Hopper, who is very cute! Mia Wasikowska played Annabel. She played Annabel amazing! She got all the emotion of her!
The movie also stars Schuyler Fisk and Lusia Strus and Annabels older sister and mother. Jane Adams plays Enochs aunt.
Another thing I found amazing about this movie was that Bryce Dallas Howard co produced it. If you have no idea who Im talking about, she is the woman who played Hilly Holbrook in The Help.
The film is rated PG-13, is ninety-one minutes long and made around fifteen hundred on its opening weekend of September eighteenth, 2011.
Id give it 4 stars. I wish there werent as many trailers in the beginning and I didnt like Enochs ghost. I did though love how they could make me cry at the most random of times, and I also loved Enochs name. Its so unique.
Have a awesome day!
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