Respecting people with more humble income

4 years ago

And this is why you will never amount to anything.

An behemoth of a woman was berating a cashier at Dollarama today, demanding respect.

From the conversation, it is understood that the cashier left the cash register while the woman was in line, to take her break. Fair enough, the fault lies with the cashier for not letting anyone know.

However, does the cashier deserve to be publicly humiliated by the woman? I honestly do not agree.

For one thing, the woman kept quoting about respect and how working retail taught her the "proper" mannerisms of customer service. Obviously, she failed quite miserably on that notion from her fit this afternoon.

The cashier was an elderly lady and you could tell she had trouble trying to explain over the woman`s loud voice. Until she hit the breaking point, at which she kept apologizing.

Did this quell the woman? No. Instead, she slammed the cashier more and stormed off, completely ballistic out of her mind.

Guess what she will do when she gets home? Complain and vent more about the cashier to her husband and children and further on to everyone she knows. Why? Because she believes she deserved more.

And what happens to the cashier? She will be sitting at home wondering if the lady will report her to the manager and if her job security is on the line.

Honestly, some people just amaze me. Their hypocrisy amazes me. But then again, I guess I should expect a lot less from people.

My annoyance stems from my childhood. I grew up in an environment where all undeserving children got all their wishes fulfilled and no matter how hard I tried, everyone told me I would become a failure at life and took away everything I owned.

She reminds me of those children. Undeserving, incompetent, self-centered and egotistic, living in a fantasy where they believe they deserve the world on a platter. Then they get frustrated when people do not succumb to their expectations.

And yet, they don`t know, they are not even average in this world. Below average, cutting close to average, but not average.

I don`t even bother waiting and watching them fail at life. It`s inevitable if they continue their life in this manner. It`s only a matter of time before their fantasy bursts.

I have no faith in people. That way, they do not disappoint me. I`m not even surprised by the lady`s actions. It happens so often that I`m desensitized by it.

The only thing I can do is, ensure that I have the courage to help the victim the next time it happens.

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