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Resident Evil 6 is the next upcoming installment into the Resident Evil series. A poster was leaked onto the web on January 19 stating that the game will be released November 20, 2012; this was later confirmed via an official reveal trailer on Capcom`s Youtube Page. However, the Captivate 2012 trailer has revealed that the release date has been put forward by over a month to October 2.

Not too much is known about the story as of now. The game takes place in 2013, some fourteen years after the US Government`s destruction of Raccoon City, and takes place in various places around the world.

In United States - the President is about to "come clean" over the incident in Raccoon City in a seminar at Ivy University, Tall Oaks, when he himself mutates into a zombie. A man at the university guides Leon S. Kennedy and his partner, Helena Harper, through the campus in the search for his missing daughter; during the search he begins to make suspicious complaints of skin irritation. They eventually find his daughter, only for her to turn into a zombie and eat her father in an elevator before turning on Leon. During the incident in the city, Leon is informed by Hunnigan that the city has been overrun, and that some 70,000 people are expected to have become infected.

In the Eastern European state of Edonia, Jake Muller, the son of eugenicist; virologist and bioterrorist Albert Wesker, flees from the authorities during a bioterrorist attack. During Jake`s adventure, he partners up with Sherry Birkin, daughter of the deceased Dr. William Birkin - a research partner of Albert`s.

Chris Redfield and the B.S.A.A. are in a war-torn China, around the coastal Chinese city of Lanshiang, some six months after the incident in Europe. At this time, his; Leon`s and Jake`s paths converge.

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