Resident Evil

4 years ago

Directed By Paul W.S. Anderson.

Greetings! I like this movie so I`ll let you in with the details. It`s about the T-Virus that was early on exposed and spread onto the Umbrella Corporation that created an abundance of infected people. Causing them to become undead and killing anything living. Alice the character worth watching then becomes Jackie Chan of action sequences which is why this movie is so great. I could watch it all day. But we can`t we have lives that needs to be lived and movies that need to be said and shared. That`s why I am here to inform you about this film there will be a following to it, I played a portion of this game but from the looks of part 4, I could not believe that they really do follow the game and the characters. It`s super good but I`m hoping they keep up with Leon because I haven`t seen him in any of the movies.

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