Requirements for Windows 8

Appear to have been discovered some of the minimum requirements for the next Windows 8.

Requirements that include computers with touch capability have to have - at least - support for 5 touch points simultaneously and that the equipment NFC have "touch marks" to indicate where they can play to begin operations NFC.

The level of hardware buttons, the Windows 8 tablets should have 5 buttons:

Rotation lock
Windows Key (with a minimum of 10.5mm diameter)
Volume up / Volume down

New combination for CTLR + ALT + DEL - for equipment with no keyboard, the new way of doing this is by pressing the Windows Key + Power (there goes the shortcut for taking screenshots.)

OS requirements for tablets and convertible PC with Windows 8

Storage: 10GB of free space
System firmware: UEFI
Network: WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0 + LE (low energy)
Graphics: Direct3D 10 with WDDM 1.2 driver
Resolution: 1366 × 768
Touch: multitouch 5 points
Camera: 720p
Ambient light sensor:-30k lux with a dynamic range of 5-60K
digital Compass
3-axis accelerometer with a frequency exceeding 50Hz
USB 2.0 - with at least one externally accessible port
Update Drivers without reboots
Waking from sleep at 2 sec maximum (for now only in Intel, the ARM does not have this requirement)

Just seems to me that, until such time that Windows 8 is released, as a minimum resolution that will be considered "obsolete" (see the tablets with FullHD resolution screens and higher who are about to arrive), and also the camera that well it could even by FullHD as standard, instead of 720p. But beyond that, it seems to me well ... although the absence of the NFC to cause the same to me seems to have still a long way to go until it becomes "common".

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