Replacement Sigma F25 Brush

4 years ago

You may (or may not) have seen my post about /viz/week-defective-products Basically, I was doing my weekly deep cleaning on my brushes and my F25, literally, fell apart into my hands. The hairs just pulled away from the ferrule even though I`ve followed all of the recommended care techniques they suggest. I guess I just happened to get a bad brush. Almost immediately after it happened I emailed Sigma about it and even though this brush was received through an order placed here on Luuux about 10 months back, they were able to find me in their system and told me they`d send me out a replacement. This pleased me. Talk about good customer service. They didn`t give me any hassle about it or anything. I`d have been more than willing to include the picture of the broken brush but they didn`t even ask for that. I know some companies will want visual proof, if you will, that the item is damaged. I held on to the broken brush just in case, though. The replacement brush came on Saturday. I believe it was Monday that I emailed them and not even a week later and my new brush had arrived. I`m extremely pleased. It is the same brush, but as you can see in the photos the new brush handle is polished and has a shine to it where as the original one is matte. I don`t really mind either way.. I don`t use it for the coloring/style of the handle but for the actual hairs and how well it applies. I thought I`d give an update as I had quite a few comments asking if I heard anything back from Sigma about the issue. Yes, I did! :-)

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