Repair Broken Nails! Simple way to help keep nails long!

5 years ago

How many times have you tried to grow out your nails, only to have one or two of them break, forcing you to cut your nails and start all over? I know this is something that happens to me ALL the time! Recently, however, I discovered the tea bag method, so this is my first time trying it out. I broke my nail really deep, and I didn`t want to cut it since it hurt but at the same time, it kept snagging onto things. I decided to document my trial for you guys so maybe you can try it for yourself.

Basically, this method uses an empty tea bag to reinforce the nail.

What you do is you take your regular tea bag and cut one end open. You can use the tea inside as loose leaf or just throw it out. My mom took the tea and sprinkled it over our compost since the tea helps neutralize the smell or something lol.... anyways

Once you dump out the tea, trim off the edges and you end up with 2 squares of the tea bag material which is more than enough. Some people just cut a small piece to cover the area where the nail is broken but I have heard that sometime you can see the outline of the tea bag on your nail that way. So for now I am trying the whole nail.

Cut a small square that can cover your nail completely. Start trimming the sides so that it fits your nail. The easiest way I found to do this is to push the tea bag into the edge of the nail using a cuticle stick, or just the edge of your thumb. This leaves a crease on the tea bag in the shape of your nail which you can trim using a pair of scissors. Don`t worry about having the top end exactly right since you can easily trim that part using nail clippers later. Once you have your cut out, you need to apply the tea bag to the nail. You can choose to reinforce the broken section with some nail glue first if you would like, but my nail glue was all dried up, so I skipped that step.

Instead, I applied a layer of my favorite nail strengthener and placed the cut out on top. Using a cuticle pusher I adjusted the tea bag and applied it to my nail. I then applied more of the base coat to soak the tea bag. Use a stippling motion to prevent the bag from moving. Once it is completely dry, you can use your nail clippers to trim the overhang.

You can leave it like this, but it looks a lot better if you cover it with nail polish like I have. If you look really close, you can sorta see that the nail is a little uneven, but to be honest, none of my friends or family have noticed, even after I point it out...

It`s been a few days and my nail has survived. I`m going to change my polish soon, so all I have to do to remove the tea bag is use some remover or acetone and replace it.

Have any of you tried out this method? Has it worked well for you?

***UPDATE***I actually used a smaller square to cover the split the next time I tried this. It was easier to do and after using lots of base coat, it wasn`t really visible. You just need to put at least 2-3 coats to make sure it`s even.

I`m hoping to keep doing this until my nail is long enough to trim properly :)

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