Renaissance Festival Garb Accessories

4 years ago

Where I live, the renaissance festival is going on. I own far too many sets of garb to dress up for the festival. I have everything from court gowns in velvet to wench wear to fantasy based, etc. I have accumulated tons of stuff and love going to the festival in garb. This year I wanted to focus on being a fairy. I have bought fairy ears and have the clothing but something I`ve never tried to make or buy myself is the wings. We can all agree a fae isn`t a fae without her wings. There is a vendor at the festival who makes AMAZINGLY beautiful wings but they cost upwards of $150-$300. Oh, they`re quality stuff...but I just don`t always have that kind of money ready to shell out for a renaissance accessory that I will only wear a few times out of the year. Well, today in the Halloween aisles I found a pair of wings that will make due until I am ready to shell out big bucks.

No, they aren`t as stunning as some that are out there, but they`re pretty and will go nicely with the colors in my dress. The wings do come with a glittery mask to match them but I don`t like it all that well. I might wear it a bit but I actually bought a different mask to wear. This year it would seem they are putting out some fantastic masquerade ball masks. I can`t recall ever seeing any quite as nice as these in regular Halloween costuming aisles. I tried on a bunch and danced around in the aisles like a loon. My husband thought I was crazy... but in my defense, they (my husband and son) weren`t behaving any better. They were trying on full head masks and hats and all sorts of stuff and having a hoot. I was entertaining myself with pixie stuff!

I wanted to buy about three other masks but they`d not have really matched with the fairy feel. I still want some, though, for decoration or to dress up other costumes. ANYWAY... I found this silver, almost webbed looking mask. It is a light weight metal but doesn`t seem too easy to bend or destroy. It is BEAUTIFUL! I`m in love with it. It will work perfectly with this years renaissance dress.

So, there you have it... my strange fashion post on fairy costuming and accessories... lol! When we go to the festival, I`ll have to get a full shot of the ears, the dress, the wings, the mask, the makeup, etc. all put together. OH! But I did snap a picture with the mask on when we had gotten home. Come on, tell me it doesn`t look pretty cool when it is on.


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