Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots

3 years ago

First, you will need:

1. A Shoe Brush
2. Body Soap
3. A Spray Bottle
4. Vinegar
5. Hair Conditioner
6. Towel
7. Leather Boot

1.Waterproofing Spray
First brush off your boots.

Step 2. take your favorite gentle body soap, water, and a towel and gently clean off your leather boots.
3. After then get water half and half vinegar solution, the agent that`s really going to do the trick to remove the stains.
Step 4 get the spray botto Next spray the mixture from your spray bottle onto your boots l
We are all most done but we need to wipe clean your boots with water just to remove any excess vinegar
To get the shine back in the boots from using vinegar on leather boots take some of your favorite hair conditioner and spread it liberally to your leather boots.
Last step spray a waterproof spray onto your boots to protect them from new water stains or salt stains

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